• Eugene Walter

Sergio Rangel: The Man Behind the Music

First off, we want to give a HUGE thank you to Sergio Rangel. He has been the one responsible for lining up the incredible weekly music associated with our TAP Thursdays. Sergio, thank you for bringing such a fun and new twist to Eugene's Monkey Bar & Grill.

Sergio has lived in Mobile for 10 years and is no stranger to the music scene here. He plays in churches and around town, he has helped build up youth bands, written a lot of music, and has learned to push for the future not just for himself, but the people he works with.

The thing about the Mobile Music Scene that he enjoys, is the willingness of collaboration from so many artist in Mobile. The Scene of Music here especially isn’t as competitive as it once was because more musicians are willing work with one another. Whether that’s promoting for a show, attending another local show, or just shooting ideas back and forth of how we can make this Town thrive more in the industry we are striving to claim. The sense of community within the musicians of Mobile is a major part in what makes our city so unique.He is excited to be a part of this music scene, and we sure are thankful for him!

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